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Circularity, sustainability and more: A joined-up approach to sustainable packaging

Join our web seminar series from March 15 to 25, 2021


BASF is driving a circular economy by making the most of the limited resources of our planet: We keep them in use for as long as possible, minimize waste, and create value with renewable resources.

This applies in all our markets and activities, including packaging. With this in mind, we’ve made circular economy and recycling the focus topics of our web seminar series from March 15 to 25, 2021. The series will cover all the latest trends and topics in sustainable packaging, including mechanical and chemical recycling and the new technologies that are contributing to a circular economy.

Our experts will provide insights into projects along the entire life cycle of packaging products – from their manufacturing to their use to recycling options. They will cover everything from product innovations to new technologies and current customer projects.

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When?       March 15 - 25, 2021

Where?      Online via WebEx

How?         Click on the links below to register online.

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Circular economy means the decoupling of growth and resource consumption. The picture represents the variety of plastic waste of an average household. The aim is to establish a new understanding of plastic waste as a resource and to see research into recycling possibilities as an opportunity. BASF contributes to closing and expanding the cycles by developing and implementing recycling solutions for the materials we purchase, further optimizing our operations and offering resource-efficient products and services that support our customers' recycling targets.

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