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PRETHINK INK strikes a chord

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Tjalle Hijlkema
Commercial Marketing Printing & Packaging

Find out how our network for water-based technology is growing and who’s next on stage


As you may recall from our July newsletter, we recently ventured out and did something completely new ‒ by creating a platform to support a technology we believe in and forming a network of partners across the whole value chain, based on a shared vision: water-based inks are the future of flexible packaging. Quite some suspense built up as the launch date approached. Would this idea live up to its potential or be met with indifference?


Now, more than two months later, it’s clear that we struck a chord in the industry with this initiative. Collaboration throughout the value chain is key to solving today’s packaging challenges and some industry players were very quick to see the opportunities of this platform. Four new partners are already confirmed and will come onto the big stage to be formally presented in the upcoming weeks and months: we are welcoming OEMs Saueressig (Germany) and Uteco (Italy) as well as ink makers Follmann (Germany) and Druckfarben (Greece) to the club! And they will soon be followed by more companies we are already in contact with.

A quick reminder: PRETHINK INK is a collaborative network dedicated to raising awareness and sharing experiences of water-based inks for flexible packaging. It is open to all stakeholders throughout the flexible packaging value chain, whether they are raw material producers, ink makers, machine OEMs, packaging manufacturers or brand owners.


Find out more on our PRETHINK INK website or follow my activities on LinkedIn. We very much look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to the network.