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Set your seal on recyclable paper and board

Carl Nunney
Head of Industry Management Printing & Packaging Europe

Are you in search of a high-performance, food-contact-approved binder that enhances sustainability?


New Joncryl® HPB 4011 is designed to achieve optimal water barrier properties, heat sealability and bond strength at elevated service temperatures in single- and multi-layer systems.

This water-based film-forming binder enables you to produce food-contact-approved, recyclable and repulpable coatings with water barrier and heat-sealing properties similar to those of conventional polyethylene- or wax-coated paper and board.

Especially recommended for use in coatings designed to replace these and allow recycling, Joncryl® HPB 4011 is suitable for applications that require sealability and water resistance (low Cobb properties). End uses include paper bags and hot or cold cups as well as bakery and confectionery packaging and take-away boxes.

You can apply the dispersion by paper-coating (rod/blade) and paper-converting (flexo/gravure) methods.

Would you like further information? Read more about Joncryl® HPB 4011, which provides formulators with water-based polymers for coatings used in the manufacture of recyclable functionalized paper and paper-board packaging solutions.