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Smooth out the bubbles

Peter Bene
Technical Marketing Formulation Additives

Our new silicone-free, 100% active defoamer for UV inks and overprint varnishes has excellent de-aerating properties and many other benefits besides.


You can eliminate troublesome foam with Efka® PB 2770, a new silicone-free, polymer-based, 100% active deaerator and defoamer for use in clear or pigmented UV-curable inks and coatings and overprint varnish systems. In addition to very good defoaming and deaerating properties, it also boasts excellent recoatability, improved hot foil stampability and outstanding compatibility in various systems.

Efka® PB 2770 is suitable for a wide range of end uses besides printing and packaging, including typical furniture and flooring applications such as roller and curtain coatings, composites, gel coats, cast resins and adhesives.

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