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Newsletter Resins & Additives for Printing & Packaging

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Web Seminars for Performance and Formulation Additives, 4th Series 2020

Welcome to the next series of our web seminars for performance and formulation additives. We look forward to getting back in touch with you after the summer break.

Topics covered this time include our dispersion toolbox, which enables label-free universal pigment concentrates, and Rheovis PU 1340, our highly efficient Newtonian PU thickener for flat to high-gloss coatings in the areas of architectural coatings. In addition, we deal with light stabilizers due to several requests. We present Tinuvin 5866 – the optimal solution for a wide range of applications, typically sealants that heat up in the sun – and Tinuvin 533-DW for joinery, wood and other industrial coatings that require UV-A and UV-B protection.

Previous Web Seminars for Performance and Formulation Additives

Here you can see which topics we have covered at previous web seminars. If you would like more information, please contact us.


PRETHINK INK: the new network for water-based technology

Dear Reader,

As we all navigate the impacts of a global crisis, we have been working out how we can collaborate closer than ever despite being apart, and renew our commitment to sustainability. That’s why we are proud to introduce the PRETHINK INK network, which aims to bring together partners from across the value chain to share knowledge, contacts and experiences with water-based inks for flexible packaging. We want to raise awareness of the potential of water-based inks for business and sustainability, and encourage discussion about their benefits and challenges. PRETHINK INK is an open network: if you work in the flexible packaging industry, it is for you.



Water-based solutions for attractive packaging

Dear Reader,

During these challenging and uncertain times, I hope this newsletter finds you healthy and safe. We were very much looking forward to meeting many of you, our partners and customers, at Interpack 2020 in Düsseldorf, Germany. Now that the fair has been postponed to 2021, we will be sure to stay in touch with you in other ways, for example via this newsletter. So let’s dive right in: our latest news include our new binder Joncryl® HSL 9055, new colloidal emulsions and grinding resins as well as selected additives that provide greater freedom in formulating inks and coatings for sustainable packaging.


Combining performance with sustainability

Dear Reader,

Are you facing the challenges of switching from solvent- to water-based systems? In this newsletter we provide insights into electron beam curing: We introduce our new, groundbreaking technology for sustainable, high-end surface printing. Other recent introductions are also designed to combine top performance with improved environmental compatibility: our team presents two highly reactive resins for LED curing and a versatile, water-based dispersing agent


Rules are changing. Are you ready?


How can you meet the demand for more sustainable packaging?

Efka® PX 4703: Opening new horizons for your UV ink-formulation

Beautiful Woman Eating Organic Yogurt. Healthy Diet Nutrition

Top performance with new primer for lidding


Quality and sustainability in one pack

High-quality prints with water-based prints

Fast, flexible and efficient – the future is digital


When sustainability brings opportunity: Joncryl® Biomass Balance

Flexibility in flexographic printing of flexible packaging

Taking the lid off the sealing problem

New solvent-free dispersant improves ink flow in white UV-ink systems


Think ink! Up with performance, down with cost!

Looking for Formulation Additives with Food Contact Compliance?

Try out our new, upgraded Resin-Additive-Search!


Interview with Carl Nunney

Lighten your carbon footprint!

A new “Star” in the BASF defoamer portfolio


Join us at Interpack 2017

Closing the gap for solvent-based and UV applications

Printing with renewables


Higher curing speed for increased formulation flexibility

Closing the gap for water-based applications

Even more dairy packaging options from BASF


Take a look at our new Resin-Additive-Search

Good print quality and low costs in use: Joncryl® 669

Loxanol® MI 6730: Highly effective adhesion promoter

Successfully launched: Joncryl® FLX 5220


50th young scientist competition

Tackling the industry’s sustainability challenges

Is it real wood?

Innovative solutions for UV-curable inks


Low activation temperature, high speed, water-based!

Joncryl® FLX: Successful print trials!


Join the team for water-based technology!

In the lab: The latest Joncryl® FLX development