Packaging & Print

Packaging & Print

Be it preserving the freshness in food, convenient packaging or optimizing costs, we understand the needs of your industry. We focus our innovation on delivering these values and bringing sustainable solutions to you in the packaging and print industry.  

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Solutions for your packaging needs

BASF offers the packaging industry a wide range of packaging materials and solutions. Everything you want to protect and display in a favourable way, from beverages or food to cosmetics and pharmaceutical products - BASF has the solution for each packaging need.  

Superior print, superior performance

BASF creates chemistry to supply high quality products for printing and packaging.

Our resins and additives add value to your formulation. We provide high quality raw materials for printing of food packaging, flexible packaging, corrugated board, paper or paperboard, labels, magazines or catalogs.

Adhesives for the packaging industry

New development horizons due to innovative adhesive technologies

Pigment: Kaolin

Kaolin is an important and cost-effective pigment in paperboard production
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WE PRETHINK INK - our network for water-based printing technology

We are convinced that water-based inks are the future for flexible packaging. Interested in how that works?